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CrowdSearcher is a crowd-management system that implements a paradigm that embodies crowds and social network communities as first-class sources for the information management and extraction on the Web.

Retrieval and management of Web data is becoming a more and more complex problem, due to the amount of information to be dealt with, to the diversity of the information sources and of the data formats, and to the evolving expectations of users. More and more users are increasingly relying on social interaction to complete and validate the results of their online activities.

For instance, scouting "interesting" results, or suggesting new, unexpected search directions in information seeking processes, occurs in most times aside of the search systems and processes, possibly instrumented and mediated by a social network. Moreover, tasks such as quality assessment, opinion making, and sense extraction cannot be completely delegated to automatic procedures.

The Crowdsearcher approach aims at filling the gap between traditional Web systems (CMS, search engines and others), which operate upon world-wide information, with social systems, capable of interacting with real people, in real time, to capture their opinions, suggestions, and emotions by leveraging crowdsourcing practices and making them viable upon a social network. Thanks to the proposed approach, the data management and manipulation experience of users can be enormously enriched.



CrowdSearcher is part of the Search Computing (Seco) project funded by the European Research Council (ERC) "IDEAS Advanced Grants". Search Computing
The technology transfer of CrowdSearcher results to the market is sponsored by a grant of EIT Digital in the context of the project "Connecting Digital Cities".



Latest Results:


US Patent "Method and System of Management of Queries for Crowd Searching" granted

On 16th of July 2014 the patent "Method and System of Management of Queries for Crowd Searching" by Stefano Ceri, Marco Brambilla, Alessandro Bozzon has been granted by the US patent office.
The document is visible here

Pattern-Based Specification of Crowdsourcing Applications BEST PAPER AWARD at ICWE2014

Crowdsearcher has been presented at the latest ICWE conference in the paper "Pattern-Based Specification of Crowdsourcing Applications".
This work won the Best Paper Award.





Reactive Crowdsourcing at WWW2013

Crowdsearcher has been presented at the WWW 2013 conference. More information here.


Crowdsearcher at WWW2012

Crowdsearcher has been presented at the WWW 2013 conference.




Other results can be found here